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Traditional Greek cuisine is based on pure natural products. Balanced nutrition provides a better quality of life and health.


Healthy food culture in Greece is not just a tribute to the traditions of the great ancestors, or taking advantage of the country’s geography – seafood, year-round sunshine, abundance of vegetables and fruits. Healthy eating is really built into the cult. A tradition of friendly feast at home or in the tavern – a characteristic feature of the national culture of the Greeks.

The process of cooking here literally has its own philosophy, “religion”, the sacred ordinances which are passed from generation to generation.

For example, olive oil (considered to be the best in the world) is used in all the dishes of Greek cuisine, as Greeks believe that the composition of its beneficial properties – the main key to health. And Feta Cheese (the world famous national product from sheep with the addition of goat’s milk), drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano spice – it is indescribably delicious!

In the local restaurants and taverns reigns a very special atmosphere, incomparable with any of the Mediterranean area. Here in the tavern – certainly on the beach is probably the most friendly staff in the world offers a gourmet meal to start with a set of traditional tapas, which are called – mezedes. They always precede the main menu and serve them with a glass of wine or ouzo (Greek anisette).

Some of the most popular dishes are:

Mousaka, Souvlaki, Pastitsio, Tzatziki, Greek salad.

Our company is associated with various Greek Taverns (Restaurants) all around Greece where you can find freshly cooked food, a nice glass of wine or retsina or ouzo (Greek alcoholic beverages). Places where you can witness the beauty of the Greek cuisine.  We will gladly arrange a tour for you to taste the greek delicacies and feel like a local Greek.

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