Mykonos is a star. Young or old, you have to go to Mykonos at least once in your life. Mykonos – a cosmopolitan legend that has managed to preserve both the purity of its Cycladic aesthetic nature and the vigor of its cultural traditions. Its intense social character, wild clubbing, and gastronomy, constantly developing hotel infrastructure - all serve to keep the islands myth alive.


Golden sands, sapphire-blue water, and fabulous landscapes: the beaches of Mykonos are simply unbeatable. Which, of course, is a large part of the reason why the island is so popular. The beaches rank among the best in the Aegean, and perhaps in the world.

Today the island is exceptionally well equipped with facilities for tourists and offers an enormous range of entertainment possibilities.  Mykonos continues to attract celebrities, “party animals”, and cosmopolitan crowds.  The island that never sleeps, equals clubbing and a crazy nightlife. The party goes on 24 hours a day and everyone joins together in one big group: the gays with the straight, the few locals with the tourists, the young with the middle aged, the celebrities with the mere mortals.


Hora/Mykonos Town

This is gem of a town, a prime example of Cycladic architecture. It consists of narrow, white-washed alleyways, tiny churches, white houses with brightly painted woodwork and marvelous windmills. The pelican you’ll see in the port named Petros, he is the islands mascot.  The modern town of Mykonos has managed to preserve intact its character and local colour, despite being one of the most visited tourist destinations in Greece. The main street  Matogianni with its chic shops, cafes and bars, is where the island’s pulse throbs. Little Venice, is one of the best-loved and most photographed parts of Mykonos, full of little bars with a view of the sea and the glorious sunsets.

Megali Ammos (800 m from Hora) – the closest beach

This sandy beach, located within walking distance from Hora. The name Megali Ammos means large sand and it is a rather quiet beach.   Megali Ammos is maybe an option for people that want to stay near Mykonos Town (it is directly connected to the town, the beach starts just behind the famous windmills of Mykonos Town), but prefer a quiet and relaxed place.

Ornos (2 km from Xora) – boats friendly beach

One of the most “touristy” beaches in Mykonos. Large, sandy, with numerous bars, taverns and hotels. You will find umbrellas and sun beds, and also boats going to Psarou, Elia and Super Paradise. This beach offers  water sports, diving school.

Agios Yannis (3 km from Xora) – family beach

A large, sheltered beach with sand, in the eastern part of the island. The water is quite with view to the Delos island.  The beach is very popular with families.

Platys Gialos (3,5 km from Hora) – children friendly beach

A large, tourist sandy beach in the southern part of the island. Surrounded by hotels and well organized provides an ideal solution for families with children. Boats set off from Platys Gialos to Paradise, Super Paradise, Elia, Argari, etc.

Psarou (4 km from Hora) – Greek socialites beach

One of the loveliest beaches on the islands, with sand and emerald waters, fairly protected from the wind.  Almost an exclusively Greek beach – is very popular with socialites, VIP persons and high society.

Paranga (5 km from Hora) – thronged beach

One of the smallest bit also most beautiful developed beaches in Mykonos, in the southern part of the island. Offers wonderful view to Delos island. Very popular with young’s, nudes, and gays.  SantAnna Mykonos located there is a new multi-experience, luxury beach club and restaurant with huge saltwater swimming pool, beach, spa, boutiques and private cabins.

Paradise (6 km from Hora) – touristy beach

One of the most famous large beaches and camping, where one can meet a lot of tourists, youngish, many nudists. Generally it’s overcrowded.   Water sports facilities and a diving centre are available in Paradise Beach. There are a number of popular bars and clubs. The famous Cavo Paradiso which is a large complex working like a night club, with g a pool, a restaurant and a beach bar, is located on a hill, above the beach. By night, Paradise Beach transforms into a huge club with music and people dancing on the sand and the rocks until dawn.

Super Paradise (7 km from Hora)

The busiest beach on the island. It is large with fine sand, clear blue sea, great crowds and its own seating plan: the gays on the right, the fashionable socialites on the left and the tourists in the middle. There are many TV stars, models, actors, socialites, paparazzi, youngsters and nudists.

Panormos (6 km from Hora)

A small beautiful sandy beach in Northern part of island, with little tourists. Popular with camping.

Elia (10,5 km from Hora)

One of the prettiest beach on the island, with fine sand, easy access and a nice crowd. The beach is well protected from the winds.

Kalafatis (15 km from Hora)

A very large beach in the south-eastern part of the island. It is popular with tourists and sporty types, since here one can find all water sports available on the island.  There is also wind surfing, diving center, horse-riding and riding lessons.

The Whitewashed Mykonos Town

The whitewashed little houses in Mykonos town