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Greece is the birthplace of the god Dionyssos, the Patron Saint of winemaking, one of the most ancient countries of wine producers.


Greece can rightly be called the birthplace of European winemaking. Culture combinations of food and wine during the meal was born here almost 4,000 years ago. Winemaking traditions are rooted in the distant ancient world. During harvest time in ancient Greece, people honored the god Dionysus. People drank wine, arranging colorful carnivals, where Dionysus marched with gay entourage consisted of goat-footed satyrs and Bacchantes. It was believed that because God gives wine its fans liberation from all sorrows and worries.

Interesting fact – the well-known and is used around the world an ancient Greek word “symposium” means “sharing a drink.” Today, the ancient traditions of cultivation and wine production dominated in almost all corners of the country. Thousands oenologist and gourmets from around the world visit Greece every year, knowing that this is where they can nicely combine a relaxing holiday in the country with a visit to the world famous wineries. At the international wine market, supersaturated varieties such as Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc, Greece continues to prove that success in the wine business is not simply a good grades, but also from different. Perhaps that is why in international competitions worldwide Greek wines often win gold medals.

Officially in Greece, there are more than 130 endemic varieties of wine, ie such that nowhere else in the world are not cultivated and Greek wines that give a unique taste and aroma. Paying tribute to tradition and quality, many winemakers produce local varieties cultivated for centuries. One of these ancient and most famous – local Retsina, which in Greek means “resin”. At the stage of fermentation in wine is added to the resin and long storage pleasant odor. In fact, Rezin easy categorized list. It is white, sometimes pink drink alcohol level of 11,5% for the daily meal. And it is the only wine in the world, has the aroma and taste of resin. The secret of success of Greek wines, of course, lies in climate and topography of the country, in its ideal terroirs. Under vines in Greece allocated 1.5 million hectares of land. The company produces around 500 million liters of wine.

Nemea – the land of wine tourism

Nemea – a region of the Peloponnese, famous for its many wineries. Grape tradition here span several centuries, and the Nemean wine since antiquity adorn most exquisite feast. The whole world Nemea region is known for its variety of red wine Agiargitiko. Grapes in this class in conjunction with heterogeneous landscape provides an opportunity to produce a large variety of wine varieties – from light to very dark red. Nemean wine comes in 17 countries. Secret richness and softness of the mysterious dark ruby ​​Agiorgitiko Greeks explain ancient legend, which states that the local vine was watered by the blood of the lion killed by Hercules here. And the Nemea region, without a doubt is the home of the brave Hercules. At tastings at wineries where you can spend the whole day, which, however, and should do to really touch the legendary history of Nemea and taste the nectar of Hercules.

Dry red wine high gastronomichnye Nemea-Agiorgitiko excellently combined with any national catering for any occasion. Every year on August 31 in the city of Nemea wine feast day, all guests enjoy which relies soft berry taste local deep ruby ​​wine has a unique flavor. Delicious wines from the stunning beauty of places you can easily find in any corner of the island or the mainland of Greece. In Crete, where the grapes are cultivated for four thousand years, the hotel offers guests tasting wines of Mantilari, Kotsifali and fresh white wines of the Vidya, Villain, Daphnia.

In northern Greece and the peninsula of Halkidiki, some of the oldest vineyards produce white variety Malaguzya red Xinomavro, Limni (high alcohol content) and Cabernet. The Greek Islands are famous wines, like most Northern European style, and not the Mediterranean. Thus, the famous island of Santorini Assyrtiko variety (refined Greek white grape variety, perhaps one of the best in the Mediterranean). From it produces great white wine, high acidity and great endurance.

Rhodes is known for its white wines of noble varieties Atira and pink sparkling wines from Mantilari (low percentage of alcohol). And the island of Kos offers exclusive varieties Malaguzya try and Cabernet Sauvignon. The most famous of the other varieties – Muscat (one of the most famous wines in the world, only a pleasant drink for the summer), Robola (highest quality grape variety of the Ionian Islands), Savatyano (the most common grape variety cultivated in Greece). Of pink varieties can be distinguished Moskhofilero (the most famous brand Mantineya city, in the heart of the Peloponnese), Mavrodafi (cultivated in the north-western part of the Peloponnese and the Ionian Islands for making sweet fortified wines), Naoussa (red), Rapsani (red), Tsantali (red and white), memantine (dry white wine with a fruity flavor). Come as oenologists, come just as foodies, because in addition to a useful and memorable vacation, your collection certainly augmented with new samples of fine Greek wines of the highest quality!


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